Care for a Soup Sandwich? Nutritious Content, if You Can Pick it Up.

The Voices woke me up at 2:30 this morning, half an hour earlier than usual, telling me to take a look at the WordPress blog that was supposedly my flagship website. I had managed to make a complete mess of it. My WordPress blog had become a five way intersection with malfunctioning traffic lights. It was [...]

Pulstar Pulse Plugs in Platinum are Engineered for Fuel Economy

Pulstar Pulse Plugs utilize technology which is simply not found in spark plugs. Creative marketing ideas like changing the electrode configuration or sponsoring a race car are no match for revolutionary science, and Pulstar Pulse Plugs represent the most significant improvement in spark efficiency since the development of electronic ignition. Watch this brief video for [...]

DM6000 Laser Hair Removal System: Salon Power at a Personal Price!

DM6000 Laser Hair Removal System: Salon Power at a Personal Price Has THREE TIMES the Minimum Power Required for Laser Hair Removal Most Powerful Laser Hair Removal System On the Market for Less Than $500 The highly popular DM6000 is the most powerful home use laser hair removal system on the market for under $800. [...]

Free Report: Professional-Grade vs Home-Use Laser Hair Removal Systems

Please fill in your name and email address in the form below to get your copy of a MUST READ report if you are considering spending money on laser hair removal! We respect your email privacy Name: Email:

Why I Decided to Become a “Home Depot Guy”

Why I Decided to Become a “Home Depot Guy” Not THE “Home Depot Guy”, of course… …but a consumer who appreciates a ‘big box’ that is hiring 60,000 ”Home Depot Guy” types in ‘today’s economy’ Don’t you get tired of hearing that?  “Today’s Economy”.  I wish it weren’t quite so newsworthy.  I long for the days when houses appreciated, ten [...]

Considering a laser hair removal system that you’ve seen on TV?

Buy Ugly, Get Pretty: Hard facts about cheap info-mercial laser hair removal gadgets Professional Grade vs. Cosmetic Grade Laser Hair Removal Technology   Do Battery Powered Laser Hair Removal Devices Have What it Takes?   It is no secret that a new boom in the self-care industry is happening with the staggering number of home-use [...]

Amazingly Effective and Easy Weight Loss with Medipure MPH 90% HCG

After over 40 years of minimal success in losing weight, I found the key to literally MELTING.  In just a few weeks, I experienced dramatic results.  And best of all, I felt great during the process and did not find it especially challenging.  If you would like to lose 15 or more pounds quickly, easily, [...]

Powerful Focused and Precisely Filtered Photon Pulses Permanently Foil Wild Hair Forests

It’s amazing what can be done with an intense burst of energy.  “Pulse” technology, very similar to the circuitry in our famous Pulstar Pulse plugs for your car or motorcycle, is also employed in our sophisticated medical electronics devices, which focus and filter high energy laser or broad spectrum light to destroy the ability of [...]

Immediately and Inexpensively Improve Fuel Economy, Performance + REDUCE EMISSIONS!

PULSE technology delivers more energy to your combustion chamber QUICKER. The revolutionary technology of Enerpulse Inc’s, Pulstar Pulse Plugs has been proven in millions of miles of driving to improve horsepower, torque, and fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pulstars are an exact fit drop-in replacement for ordinary spark plugs, and are guaranteed for [...]

The Importance of Posting Your Tweets on Your Blog

I’m not sure why it happened, or if I can repeat it, but the fact that it happened reinforces the advice I have gotten from my Internet Marketing training program to put a tweet display on my WordPress blog. I have built my blog on my GoDaddy hosted website, so I am not sure if [...]

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